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      Qingdao LongDe Boats Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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      +86 532 82510212
      shandong qingdao
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      Qingdao Longde Boats Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Qingdao Runlong FRP Manufacturing Co., Ltd originally) was established in 2002. The company is an enterprise specializing in developing and producing aquatic sports equipment. It has standardized fiberglass workshop,the area is 7000 square meters. The company has a full set of production and testing equipment such as: 10 tons of air lift、FRP cutter、spraying machine、polisher. It also developed its own “Runlong” series of  products through independent research. The products enjoy high reputation among the clients, depending on scientific and effective management and control. Presently the company accumulated a large number of professional and technical persons. All of the managers have more than 30 years water sports experience.
      The company mainly produces yacht, angling boat, sailing, ice sailing, hard bottom rib, double-bodied maneuvering sightseeing craft, water ski tow boat, kayak, canoe and so on. The enterprise now gradually developed a main sailing project comprehensive enterprise.
      We has been entrusted by Chinese Extreme F2 motor boats racing company with the formula motor boats racing project, its top speed is 190K.P.H, So far, it is the fastest boat in China. The water skiing traction boat we produced reaches 53 nautical mile per hour after measuring velocity, This has already reached advanced world levels. The company is the only appointed supplier of all the water sports equipments for The 10th National Games.
      In the year of 2014, The inspectors of Shandong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department chose companies as the  listed company of “ R&D and manufacturing  bases  for Leisure Sport Fisherman in shandong province” through rigorously review and assess, Longde is the company on the list .
      From the beginning, the enterprise makes the quality policy of “intension to make high-quality goods” and to “provide customers satisfied service” as the objective. We firmly insist the spirit of “facing big market, making service for the big society”, full-time in water sports service promotion work.
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